Family Business and Family Office

Working with companies of all sizes, we’re your local team of family business lawyers helping you preserve and protect your business operations.

Expert Legal Counsel When You Need It Most

Almost 70% of all Australian businesses are family-owned, and it is our goal to empower these businesses with the legal expertise they need to thrive for years to come. We pride ourselves on being the go-to experts for family business law, providing expert legal counsel precisely when you need it most.

As your local family business dispute lawyers, we have a deep appreciation for the intricate interplay between business strategies and family dynamics. As such, we’re committed to offering tailored legal solutions that support your family business’s long-term success and sustainability.

How We Can Help You

As dedicated family business lawyers, we work with businesses of all sizes to protect and enhance their commercial strengths for years to come. Our experience includes:

Proactive Legal Solutions

As experienced family business lawyers, we are not only in the business of implementing reactive measures. Instead, we focus on creating proactive and preventative solutions to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges, safeguarding your family’s legacy and business continuity for the long term. By identifying potential risks and implementing proactive strategies, we strive to empower your family business to thrive amidst evolving landscapes and uncertainties.

Helping Safeguard Your Business's Success

Family businesses often have a more complex structure than other companies, stemming from their intertwined personal and professional dynamics. This can present a range of unique challenges. Fortunately, our team of business and family lawyers understands these challenges and specialises in providing tailored solutions that leverage family businesses’ strengths while addressing their specific needs and concerns.

At Mistry Fallahi, we understand that beyond the legalities, family business owners want to safeguard their family’s future. Our approach centres around implementing solutions that align with necessary legal structures and accommodate your distinctive family dynamics while driving towards your business objectives.

As your chosen family business lawyer, we’ll work alongside you to navigate the intersection of familial bonds and corporate strategies, ensuring a seamless transition of values and prosperity for generations.