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Client Asset Protection Enquiry

  • Please provide your full name(s) as noted on your identification documents (e.g. your passport/drivers licence) (e.g. John Matthew Smith and Louise Matthew Smith)
  • Please provide your street number and name. (e.g. 193 Macquarie Street)
  • Please provide your suburb, state and postcode (e.g. Sydney NSW 2000)
  • Please provide your contact numbers (e.g. 042 123 456 / 042 654 321)
  • Please provide your primary email address (e.g.
  • Please provide your email addresses (e.g.;
  • Occupation* Please provide each person(s) occupation (e.g. John Matthew Smith (Retired) and Louise Matthew Smith (Retired))
  • Burial/Cremation. Please specify any special arrangements regarding your funeral (e.g. where you wish to be buried or cremated and have your ashes scattered or deposited)
  • For any child under 18, this is a person(s) appointed by you who can make decisions about the long term needs of your child until they reach 18. Please provide the full names of the appointed guardian(s) including how you know or are related to them). (e.g. 1. John Matthew Smith (Uncle); 2. Louise Matthew Smith (Aunty))
  • This is a person(s) appointed by you to execute, manage and administer your will and estate. If possible, please provide the names of two (2) or more person(s). This person may also be a beneficiary. If the person(s) are not a beneficiary, please provide details of how you know or are related to them). (e.g. 1. John Matthew Smith (Uncle); 2. Louise Matthew Smith (Aunty))
  • These are person(s) who are entitled to receive a benefit under your will. Please provide how your intended benefit is to be distributed (e.g. 1. Jack Matthew Smith (Son) 50%; 2. Jill Matthew Smith (Daughter) 50%). Please also outline how you wish for the benefit to be used (i.e. living arrangements, education. medical expenses and holidays) prior to the beneficiary reaching a preservation age (i.e. 25 years). Please provide details of any special needs of each beneficiary (i.e. physical or mental disabilities) whether they are directors or person(s) likely to have a relationship breakdown or go into financial difficulty (if applicable).
  • Please provide a brief list of your assets and liabilities to assist in considering your estate (e.g. 193 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (Home – Market Value $1 million); Mortgage with Westpac Bank - $50,000.00).
  • Please provide any further details or wishes (e.g. gifts or assets) to be included in your testamentary documents, including details of person(s) who you believe may make a claim on your estate.
  • Please provide the person(s) whom you appoint as your Attorney and Guardian including their full name, occupation and address. Enduring Power of Attorney is a document which will continue to operate if the principal losses mental capacity. In such a case, the attorney is able to continue to manage and deal with the principal’s financial affairs. A guardian may also be appointed to make lifestyle or medical decisions on your behalf under an Appointment of Enduring Guardian. Please provide details of whether you wish to express the type of medical treatment you are to receive or not receive in event you were to lose mental capacity (i.e. Advance Care Directive).